In this section you can find some of my compositions and side projects.


Sonata for Violin and Guitar



Nachtlieder – II Danse Mélancolique
The second short piece from my “Nightsongs” cycle. 2 violins & viola played by myself/multitrack (just a demo). It’s originally intended for guitar solo.

Bill’s Jig
Composed and Recorded in August/September 2014.

“Dusk” – Tone Poem for Violin-Quartet, Bass and Piano
Composed and recorded in March 2014.

This is a “video-version” (pictures) of my composition: “Dusk” – Tone Poem for Violin-Quartet, Bass and Piano


I play some other instruments, too (guitar, mandolin, drums, piano), and if the time allows for  it, I record some songs every now and then. You can find my Youtube Channel here:

Newly “remastered” version of the Sundance song:
Huddie – Sundance by keeptruemusic